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Community Development
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Aztec, NM 87410
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(505) 334-7697 - office
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Monday - Thursday
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The Code Compliance Office is charged with enforcing a number of City ordinances designed to promote the safety, well being, and appearance of the City of Aztec and its residents. This is done through the inspection of properties throughout the city as well as responses to citizen complaints. From alley ways to new developments we keep an eye out for anything and everything. The most common violations can be easily avoided with proper upkeep to landscaping and properties. When a violation does occur we are happy to work with members of the community to bring the property into compliance. We all benefit from a clean, safe, and beautiful Aztec. We encourage everyone to visit the Code Compliance Office for more information on local code and how it might apply to you. You may report code violations and concerns to the Code Compliance Office. We are located in the Community Development Office at City Hall or you can reach us by phone at 334-7697.


  • Tall Weeds or Grass (Sec 14-3-8).
    All weeds must be maintained on properties and in alley ways.
  • Inoperable Vehicles (Sec 14-2-2).
    All vehicles must be in operating condition.
  • Unregistered Vehicles (Sec 14-2-2).
    All vehicles must have current valid registration.
  • Boats, RV's, or Trailers parked on the Street (Sec 22-2-31).
    These types of vehicles must be stored alongside, or in the rear of a home.
  • Improper Storage on Private Property (Sec 14-3-7).
    All materials should be stored in a proper building or behind a privacy fence.
  • Signs in the Right of Way (Sec 20-17).
    No signs may be posted on any curb, sidewalk, post, pole, hydrant, bridge, tree, median, or public right of way.
  • Prohibited Signs (Sec 20-11).
    All signs require permits and approval.
  • Building Sheds or Fences without a Permit (Chapter 26).
    A permit is required for all construction in the City of Aztec.
  • Obstructed Corners (Sec 26-1-7).
    Landscaping should be no higher than 3 feet on any corner where it may obstruct the view of motorists.
  • Private Vehicle Sales (Sec 14-2-5).
    You must have written permission from the property owner and be parked outside of the right of way.


  • A Guide to Aztec Area Invasive Weeds [PDF 2.3 MB]
  • A Resident Complaint Form [PDF 56 KB]

    In an ongoing effort to ensure that we have a clean and safe environment in which to live, the Code Compliance Office regularly inspects properties throughout Aztec. When violations are observed the Code Compliance process begins.

    Courtesy Notice.
    When violations are observed on a property the Code Compliance Officer photographs the problem areas and gathers additional information. A letter is then sent to the property owner of record as a Courtesy Notice. This is not a citation. This notice provides the property owner with a specific period of time (window of compliance) to bring the property into compliance with City Code. At the end of that time, if the property has been brought into compliance the owner will receive a postcard thanking them for their efforts.

    Intent Notice.
    If the property is not in compliance at the end of the specified compliance period, a second letter (with photographs of the violation areas) will be issued to the property owner, informing them of the City's intent to issue a citation if the violations are not corrected. This Intent Notice establishes a second window of compliance. This is not a citation. At the end of that time, if the property has been brought into compliance the owner will receive a postcard thanking them for their efforts.

    If the property is still not in compliance after the expiration of the second deadline a criminal citation will be issued by the Code Compliance Officer for violation of Aztec City Code. In the case that the property owner cannot be contacted, a criminal complaint will be filed with the Municipal Court. The court will then proceed with setting a hearing date and informing the property owner of this date.

    The Goal = Compliance.
    Criminal Citations are considered a last resort. Our goal is to bring properties into compliance, and this usually happens without having to issue a citation or summons. We encourage any resident or property owner that is struggling to meet the compliance dates sent in the letters to contact the Code Compliance Office so that we can work with you. If you have questions or concerns about what you need to do to meet code requirements please contact the office so that we can provide guidance. Thank you for your help in making Aztec a safer, more beautiful place to live.

    Potential Fines.
    Section 1-12 of City Code outlines the fines and fees associated with violations. Fines for Code Compliance violations are set at the hearing, and are punishable by up to $500.00 in fines, and or 90 days in jail. The exception is a violation of Section 14-28 for an Abandoned, Wrecked, Dismantled or Inoperative Motor Vehicles, where the fine is set at $100.

  • Section 1-12 of City Code [PDF 285 KB]


    With elections just around the corner, please read this excerpt from Sign Code regarding campaign signs:
  • Campaign Signs [PDF 29 KB]
  • View the regulations regarding nuisances and what code compliance enforces:
  • City Code Chapter 14 - Nuisances [PDF 125 KB]
  • Adopted within Chapter 14 is a set of International Code on property maintenance.

    Fines if summoned to court:
  • City Code Section 1-12 - Fine Schedule [PDF 196 KB]
  • The Indoor Radon Outreach Program was formed by the New Mexico Environment Department and provides public education about the health risk of radon gas, and disseminates information on methods for fixing (mitigating) radon problems. The Program is funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Kits to test can be delivered free of charge, just visit the web site.
  • ➠ Indoor Radon Outreach Program

  • A partnership of NMSU San Juan County Extension Service, San Juan Soil and Water Conservation District, BLM Farmington Field Office and other federal, state, local, and tribal government agencies and individuals interested in the management of invasive plants in San Juan County.
  • ➠ San Juan Basin Cooperative Weed Management Area

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