Rhonda Naegele, MVD Supervisor

Motor Vehicle Division
201 W. Chaco St
Aztec, NM 87410
Location Map [PDF 108 KB]
(505) 334-7690 OR (505) 334-7693 - office
(505) 334-7699 - fax

Monday - Friday
7:00 am to 5:00 pm


The City of Aztec MVD office applies a $9 administration/transaction fee, in addition to the state MVD fee, to the following services:
◉ 4-year license renewal
◉ 8-year license renewal
◉ IDs and Permits
◉ Titling and/or Registration
◉ Commercial Driver's License Processing Fee
◉ Lien Holder Requests/Processing
◉ Records Requests
◉ Re-instatement Fees
◉ Citation Payments
◉ Motor Vehicle Records (MVR's)
◉ Handicap Placards
◉ Other Services
A $15 administration/transaction fee is applied to VIN inspections
A $20 administration/transaction fee is applied to Road Tests

The City of Aztec MVD does not accept checks; city fees can be paid with CASH, DEBIT/CREDIT CARD.

HOW DO I ...

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  • ➠ Get a New Drivers License?
  • ➠ Change my address with MVD?
  • ➠ Register My New Vehicle?
  • ➠ Renew My Driver License?
  • ➠ Report a Drunk Driver? Dial #394
  • ➠ Get a Specialty License Plate?
  • ➠ Learn how to protect my identity?
  • ➠ Register to be an Organ Donor?
  • ➠ Where's My License?
  • ➠ MyMVD


  • Acceptable Documents for Standard Driver's License [PDF 195 KB]
  • Bill of Sale [PDF 218 KB]
  • Medical Report [PDF 277 KB]
  • Visual / Ocular Report [PDF 395 KB]
  • Explanation of the Point System [PDF 286 KB]
  • For other MVD forms:

    As of November 14, 2016, New Mexico started issuing driver's licenses and identification cards that comply with the federal Real ID Act of 2005 as well as non-compliant driving authorization cards. When you renew your current New Mexico license, you will need to choose which credential you will be applying for and bring the required documents. Please review the lists of required documents before coming into Aztec MVD.

    On May 7, 2025, the federal government will require your driver's license or ID card to be Real ID compliant if you wish to use it as identification to board an aircraft or enter federal facilities where ID is required.

    Existing New Mexico driver's licenses (issued before REAL ID) and ID cards will continue to be accepted until expiration or May 7, 2025, whichever is sooner. To obtain a Real ID license or ID card, you must present proof of identity, proof of identity number and two proofs of your physical address in person at Aztec MVD one time, even if you did so prior to Real ID implementation.

    Maiden Name/Name Changes - If your passport or identity document contains your current legal name; you do not need to provide proof of a name change. If your proof of identity document does not contain your current full legal name, you MUST present documentation of any name changes(s). This may include a marriage certificate, divorce decree, adoption records or court order. In the case of multiple name changes, you may be asked for marriage certificates or other proof for each name change. Divorce decrees must reference the maiden name or former name before marriage. If you lack these documents, contact your state or county Vital Statistics Office.


    Do you have what you need to get a NM Real ID?

    RIC - The REAL ID Companion can help you identify the documents you need to get a NM REAL ID.

    Click on the link for information and use REAL ID Companion (RIC).

    List of Acceptable Documents

    Where can I get a certified birth certificate copy from another state?
    National Center for Health Statistics - Vital Records

    Where can I get a certified birth certificate from the State of New Mexico?
    New Mexico Department of Health - Vital Records
  • ➠
  • New Mexico Birth Record Application
  • ➠

  • Where can I obtain marriage licenses & divorce decrees?
    Copies of marriage licenses are available from the county clerk of the county where the marriage license was issued. Copies of divorce decrees are available from the district court where the court order was filed. For further information about these services, please contact the appropriate county clerk or district court.

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