Edward Kotyk, Special Projects Manager

Projects Management
201 W. Chaco St.
Aztec, NM 87410
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(505) 334-7689 - office
(505) 334-7649 - fax

Monday - Thursday
7:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Projects Management oversees the development of long and short range plans; gathers, interprets, and prepares data for studies, reports and recommendations; disseminates information to other departments and agencies as needed.


Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Oversees and emphasizes the utilization of Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide a better understanding of variables in a given geographic location and aid in strategic planning of City projects. Plans, assigns, develops, and reviews the work on GIS projects. Prepares, provides, and updates maps and data sets for departments. Provides GIS technical support and develops solutions to assist departments in making better decisions about projects and issues affecting their efficiency and ability to strategically plan their projects.

Aztec GIS Street & Parcels Map
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Web Sites

Develops and maintains the city's websites. Oversees the development of web content. Ensures that the site meets the business needs of the organization and is properly used as an educational outreach tool. Maintains the following city websites:

City Code and Policies

Works with other departments to update city code and ordinances, formats and maintains city code book. This is an ongoing process to insure adequate and fair response to compliance and adoption to the changing environment as the city continues to grow.


Develops annual reports for the City of Aztec. These reports list out the accomplishments and statistics of each city department.

Tourism & Marketing

Oversees the Aztec Visitor Center and assists the Visitor Center's supervisor in the marketing of Aztec and tourism for Aztec.

YCC Program

Works with Parks & Recreation Director in developing Youth Conservation Corp (YCC) yearly summer projects and multi-year plans. Oversees each summer project, purchases materials, and works with YCC Corrdinator in implementing projects.