Main Avenue Courtyard

The City received grant funding from the NM state legislatures for plan, design, and construction of downtown Main Ave. That funding was used to refurbish the Main Avenue Courtyard located at 114 S. Main Ave.

Phase 1 (Demolition)

City staff will remove the current brick pavers of the courtyard.
2/20/2024 Removal of pavers within the courtyard started.
2/22/2024 Removal of pavers within the courtyard completed.

Phase 2 (Utilities)

The Aztec Electric Department will rebuild the electric infrastructure within the courtyard to provide better lighting and outlet access. The Parks & Recreation will redo irrigation to planters.
2/26/2024 Trenching for utiltities completed.
3/14/2024 Irrigation lines installed.
3/20/2024 Utility lines and light bases poured/installed.

Phase 3 (Courtyard Surface)

The City has hired a contractor to resurface the courtyard with stamped concrete. The City opted for concrete as a paver surface was costly and from past experience caused issues with surface leveling and trip hazards.
5/15/2024 Construction on Main Ave Courtyard is complete and the Courtyard is officially open.
5/2/2024 Concrete work is done. Lighitng installed. Legacy bricks laid. Lack planting and mulching of the planters. Ribbon cutting for re-opening scheduled for May 18.
4/08/2024 Concrete work is underway. The surface is a stamped sandstone with mottled coloring.

Last Updated 5/15/2024
Work Completed
Courtyard is open.
Concrete Work Completed
Concrete work and lighting completed.
Concrete Work Underway
Concrete work is underway.
Concrete Work begun 2024-04-10
Concrete work has begun.
Utility Installation Complete
Utility installation complete, ready for concrete.
Trenching 2024-02-28
Trenching for utiltities underway.
Demolition 2024-02-20
Removal of courtyard pavers.
Main Ave Courtyard
Main Ave Courtyard prior to demoliton/construction.