Illicit Discharges

Illicit discharges brought to you by the EPA.
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Illicit discharges are generally any discharge into a storm drain system this is not composed entirely of stormwater. The exceptions include water from fire fighting activities and discharges from facilities already under an NPDES permit. Illicit discharges are a problem because, unlike wastewater which flows to a wastewater treatment plant, stormwater generally flows to waterways without any additional treatment. Illicit discharges often include pathogens, nutrients, surfactants, and various toxic pollutants.

Phase II MS4s are required to develop a program to detect and eliminate these illicit discharges.
Some Best Management Practices (BMPs) include: With San Juan County, the City of Aztec now has a storm water hotline to report any illicit dumping into the storm drainage system.
The Storm Water Hotline number is 505-334-4560.


Wash water from a commercial car wash discharging down a storm drain is an example of an illicit discharge.

BAD! Construction Entrance
Example of Illicit Discharge