Designator: N19
Coordinates: N36o50.08'  W108o 01.70'
Field Elevation: 5877 ft
Facilities: 100LL
Parking tiedowns
CTAF: Multi-Com 122.9
Traffic Pattern Altitude: 6877 ft MSL;
Pulsating light approach slope indicator (PLASI) system on Runway 8-26 that is also activated on the CTAF.
Landing Length: Main Runaway 8-26: 4,010 x 60 ft;
Crosswind Runaway 4-22: CLOSED
Caution: Intense flight training, R/C Models, Paraplanes, Military Operations
Hours: 24 hours
Daytime Phone
and Fuel Sales:
(505) 330-8919
Current Info: ➠

Aztec is one of several airports located within New Mexico that features a retroreflective landing light system. This system uses reflectors that are located along runways edge at standard intervals.

White Beacons are located for runway line up and end designators. Activate beacons by clicking 5 times in 5 seconds on 122.9 Using the aircraft landing lights will "light up" the runway reflectors at about 1-1/2 miles out.

Pulsating light approach slope indicator (PLASI) system on Runway 8-26 that is also activated on the CTAF.

Airport Action Plan Update 2018

The City of Aztec is initiating a study to complete an Airport Layout Plan (ALP) Update and Narrative Report for the Aztec Municipal Airport. The objective of the ALP Update and Narrative Report is to provide the City with a future development plan that will satisfy aviation demand and identify the critical aircraft, address airport issues and needs, address new FAA design standards, and update the Airport Capital Improvement Plan (ACIP). The study is expected to run six to nine months with two Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) meetings, a public information workshop, and a City Commission presentation at the conclusion of the study.

The City of Aztec, NM/Aztec Municipal Airport hereby announces its FY 2019-2021 Triennial DBE Goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) airport construction projects as indicated below:

FY 19: 1.8% DBE Goal
Install Medium Intensity RW Lighting & Visual Approach Aids

FY 20: Project Undetermined

FY 21: Project Undetermined

Overall Three-Year DBE Goal FY19-FY21: 1.8%
  • Airport Layout Plan Update and Narrative Report (PDF 646 KB)
  • Airport Layout Plan Update Schedule (PDF 257 KB)
  • Aztec Municipal Airport DBE Program (PDF 3.7 MB)
  • Aztec Airport


  • » Fuel Sales
    (Self-serve, credit card activated)
  • » Courtesy Vehicles
    (2 vehicles available, free of charge)
  • » Pilot Lounge
    (Restrooms, vending machines, seating)
  • » Free Internet
    (PC with printer)
  • » Tie downs available - $15/day
    (Pilots should use their own tie down straps)
  • » Parking
    (Outside of the fence for visitors and inside of the fence for pilots)
  • ➠ Plan Your Trip
  • ➠ Traveler's Guide (List of Hotels, Restuarants, etc.)
  • ➠ Visitor Brochure (PDF 750 KB)
  • ➠ Visitor Center Directions and Street Map (PDF 436 KB)

  • » Check Density Altitude
  • » YOU are responsible for making position calls on the CTAF (122.9)
  • » Make a conscious GO/NO GO Decision If In Doubt, Chicken Out