Link Description File Size
W-1.1 Water Line Connection Details 361 KB
W-1.2 Water Line Connection Details 277 KB
W-2 Typical Asphalt Street Valve Box Raising 388 KB
W-3.1 Valve Installation for Asphalt Paving Areas 309 KB
W-3.2 Valve Installation for Non-Pavement Areas 355 KB
W-4.1 Pressure Reducer Valve Assembly Pre-Cast Vault 782 KB
W-4.2 Blow-Off and Vent Pipe Detail 568 KB
W-5 Blow-Off Valve Assembly Detail 470 KB
W-6.1 Standard Fire Hydrant 720 KB
W-6.2 Double Steamer Fire Hydrant 864 KB
W-6.3 Standard or Double Fire Hydrant (Optional Offset) 172 KB
W-6.4 Fire Hydrant Offset Alternate 372 KB
W-6.5 Fire Hydrant (Top View) Without Bollard 209 KB
W-6.6 Fire Hydrant (Top View) With Bollard 640 KB
W-6.7 For Existing Standard or Double Fire Hydrant Replacement Only 164 KB
W-7.1 Air Relief or Vac Valve Assembly 6" Thru 12" Pipe 235 KB
W-7.2 Air Relief or Vac Valve Assembly 16" Pipe or Larger 274 KB
W-8.1 Thrust Blocks Only with Approval 740 KB
W-8.2 Thrust Blocks 421 KB
W-9 Stationary Water Line Location Marker 277 KB
W-10 Water Service Connection 5/8" Meter 615 KB
W-11 Water Service Connection 1" Meter 580 KB
W-12 Water Service Connection 1-1/2" Meter 595 KB
W-13 Water Service Connection 2" Meter 579 KB
W-14 Large Water Meter Vault Detail 3" Meter 228 KB
W-15 Large Water Meter Vault Detail 4" Meter 203 KB
W-16 Large Water Meter Vault Detail 6" Meter 203 KB
W-17 Large Water Meter Vault Detail 8" Meter 656 KB
W-18 Water Service Manifold Detail 473 KB
W-19 Typical Fire Line Installation 128 KB
W-20.1 Typical Water Valve Abandonment 143 KB
W-20.2 Typical Fire Hydrant Abandonment 144 KB
W-20.3 Typical Pipe Section for Abandonment 588 KB
Entire Set All of Water Construction Standards 8.9 MB


Link Description File Size
SS-1 Shallow Manhole Type "A" 665 KB
SS-2 Shallow Manhole Type "B" 590 KB
SS-3 Drop Manhole Type "D" 737 KB
SS-4 Standard Manhole Type "E" 713 KB
SS-5 Sewer Service at Dead Ends and Cul-De-Sac 139 KB
SS-6 Manhole Bases 501 KB
SS-7 Standard Manhole Steps 118 KB
SS-8 Typical Manhole Cover Raising 119 KB
SS-9 Tap Saddle Connection 394 KB
SS-10 Slip Liner Tap Connection 448 KB
SS-11 Trench Cuts & Widths 467 KB
SS-12.1 Trench Details 72" O.D. Pipe or Less 346 KB
SS-12.2 Trench Details Pipe Over 72" O.D. 131 KB
SS-12.3 Trench Pay Width 616 KB
SS-12.4 Trench Details 426 KB
SS-13 Approximate Angle of Repose for Sloping Sides of Excavations 345 KB
SS-14 Sewer Service Location 451 KB
SS-15 Sanitary Sewer Mains 348 KB
SS-16 Typical Sanitary Sewer Air Relief Detail 423 KB
SS-17 Pressure Sanitary Sewer Cleanout Detail 486 KB
SS-18.1 1-1/2" Pressure Sanitary Sewer Lateral Detail 123 KB
SS-18.2 2" Pressure Sanitary Sewer Lateral Detail 122 KB
Entire Set All of Sanitary Sewer Construction Standards 7.1 MB


Link File Size Description
D-301 261 KB Paving Curb & Gutter
D-302 620 KB Handicap Ramp Detail
D-303 200 KB Standard Retaining Wall
D-304 176 KB Concrete Retaining Wall
D-305 274 KB Standard Paving Detail
D-306 517 KB Pavement Patching City Street
D-310 281 KB Paving and Patching
D-311 531 KB Structure Adjustment
D-313 309 KB Sidewalk & Drivepad
D-314 495 KB Pavement Patching State Highway
D-315 266 KB Survey Monument
D-316 111 KB Survey Monument Without Frame
D-317 123 KB Brass Cap for Survey Monument
D-318 139 KB Paving Sidewalk Obstructions
D-319 313 KB Paving Residential Street
D-320 205 KB Paving Typical Residential Street Intersection
D-321 182 KB Paving Commercial Alley
D-322 313 KB Paving Arterial or Collector with Median
D-323 235 KB Paving Arterial or Collector without Median
D-324 231 KB Paving - Special Valley Gutters
D-325 204 KB Eye Brow Valley Gutter
D-326 66 KB Scupper Box
D-327 59 KB Rumble Strips
D-328 229 KB Residential Speed Hump
D-329 178 KB Major Thoroughfare Driveway Access
D-330 109 KB Collector or Above Site Triangles
D-331 121 KB Residential Street Site Triangle
D-332 159 KB Gravel Road
D-340 126 KB Curb Face Address Painting
Entire Section 6.5 MB All of Section 300

400 - PIPE

Link File Size Description
D-401 413 KB General Utility Location
D-402 151 KB Casting Spacers
D-404 313 KB Pipe Culvert Full Height Headwall
D-405 347 KB Pipeline Installation in Rock Areas
D-409 208 KB Sewer Line Encasement
D-410 252 KB Pipe Bedding
Entire Section 1.7 MB All of Section 400


Link File Size Description
D-503 312 KB Curb Inlet Single
D-504 385 KB Curb Inlet Double
D-505 228 KB Curb Inlet Single for Standard Manhole
D-506 279 KB Surface Inlet
D-507 290 KB Behind the Curb Catch Basin and Curb Inlet
D-508 217 KB Slotted Curb Drain
D-509 137 KB Drain Line Connection to Existing Drop Inlet
D-510 329 KB Transverse Drainage Structure
D-511 281 KB Scuppers
D-512 1.0 MB Wire Enclosed Rip Rap Detail
D-513 170 KB Typical Concrete Drainage Channel
D-514 150 KB Trash Rack
Entire Section 3.7 MB All of Section 500


Link File Size Description
D-601 155 KB Gas Line Crossing Detail
D-603 617 KB Accessible Parking Sign Detail
D-605 209 KB Grease Trap Detail
D-606 168 KB Mailbox Detail
D-607 127 KB Utility Installation between Buildings
D-608 146 KB Reinforced Soil Walls Case I
D-609 126 KB School Flasher 1
D-611 127 KB Erosion Control Wall
D-612a 121 KB Elevation Residential Drainage
D-612b 107 KB Minimum Finished Floor Elevation
D-613 207 KB Diversion Dike
D-614 182 KB Earth Dike (Berm)
D-615 427 KB State Requirements for Offsite Tracking Prevention
D-616 176 KB Sediment Basin
D-617 232 KB Sediment Trap
D-618 301 KB Slope Drain
D-619 232 KB Surface Roughening
D-620 260 KB Culvert Protection
D-621 165 KB Curb Drop Inlet
D-622 153 KB Surface Inlet Protection
D-623 307 KB Silt Fence
D-624 1632 KB Silt Fence
D-625 175 KB Stone Dam
D-626 158 KB Straw Bale Fence
D-627 456 KB Temporary Erosion Control Bales
D-630 68 KB Hand Rails
Entire Section 5.4 MB All of Section 600