Steven Saavedra, Director

Community Development Department
201 W. Chaco St.
Aztec, NM 87410
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(505) 334-7605 - office
(505) 334-7609 - fax

Monday - Thursday
7:00 am to 6:00 pm


All permits from the Community Development Department require an applicant to complete an application in order to obtain a permit. All applications require a site plan. Depending on the permit request, additional forms may be required.

  • Detail of Permit Process (PDF 52 KB)
  • Other Agency Contact Info (PDF 43 KB)
  • Road Access Standards (PDF 49 KB)

  • Land Use Permit

    Use this application for general property improvements (e.g., fence construction, assessory structures,retaining walls, patio improvements, utility upgrades, swimming pools, green houses, hot tub/sauna installs, etc).

    Commercial Development

    Use these forms for new commercial construction (requires a parking plan, landscape plan, storm water plan, electric load calc, meter locations shown), electrical work (major repairs/upgrades that increasing existing load), historic buildings (any alterations to buildings on the State Historic Register), etc.

    Residential Development

    Use these forms for new residential construction, building additions (altering the building footprint), carport or garage construction/installation (attached or detached), electrical work (major repairs/upgrades that increasing existing load), interior remodels (only if the use of the building is changing e.g. from residential to office), etc.


    Use these forms for permanent sign installation and temporary signage.


    The following processes and applications require approval from the City Commission through a Land Use Hearing. Typically all fees and paperwork has to be submitted 21 days before the City Commission meeting.

    Alternate Summary Plat

    Use these forms when submitting a request to subdivide land into three or less parcels or conducting a lot line adjustment.

    Commercial Development

    Use these forms when constructing and developing a commercial property.

    Conditional Use

    Use these forms when applying for a conditional use on a property.

    Oil & Gas Wells

    Use these forms for new, upgrades, or abandonment of oil & gas wells.

    Residential Development

    Use these forms when constructing a new residential property.

    Special Use

    Use these forms when applying for a special use on a property.

    Variance to Land Use Code

    Use these forms when applying for a variance to land use code on a property.

    Zoning Change

    Use these forms when applying for a zone change to a property.



    Sign Code

    You have a business and want to put up a sign? Please read the sign code before investing any money.

    Campaign Signs

    Please read this excerpt from Sign Code regarding campaign signs.

    Land Use Regulations

    Chapter 26 of the City Code which regulates the zoning and land use of parcels within the City limits of Aztec.

    Subdivision Regulations

    Chapter 23 of the City Code regulates the subdividing of land and property for commercial and/or residential development within the City limits and the Extra-Territorial Zone area (ETZ) of the City of Aztec.

    Flood Regulations

    Chapter 9 of the City Code regulates and enforces the process and procedure required when building in an area designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be a flood zone. Other federal regulations can be found at the FEMA website.

    Oil & Gas Regulations

    Chapter 15 of the City Code regulates and enforces the development of oil and gas well sites within the city limits. Other regulations include state and federal can be found at the State Oila and Conservation Division website.



    NMDOT has set up a website with an interactive map where cyclists and others can share information as part of the planning process for prioritizing routes that are safe and offer the most connectivity.

    Bicycle + Pedestrian Master Plan

    The Farmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO) is engaged in planning the next generation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. This project will help the FMPO prioritize future bicycle and pedestrian improvements that will increase cyclist and pedestrian safety, create accessible routes, connect communities, and promote the health and wellness of all residents. Investing in regional bicycle and pedestrian facilities has multiple benefits for both individuals and the community at large. These benefits include potential improvements to public health, safety, connectivity, and environmental well-being. In addition, there are multiple economic benefits associated with walking and cycling, including tourism promotion and lower transportation costs for individuals.

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