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If there are questions regarding requirements for Development and/or Construction within the City of Aztec, please contact the following departments:

➠ Community Development Department: Steven Saavedra at 334-7605
➠ Public Works: William Watson at 334-7661

Aztec Development Handbook

A quick overview of what may be involved when developing residential or commercial properties in the City of Aztec.
➠ Handbook 2016 (pdf, 531 KB)

Aztec Development Properties Portfolio

List of vacant and developable properties in Aztec. Information includes zoning district, parcel size, road speed, restrictions, etc.
➠ Properties Portfolio (pdf, 3.1 MB)

Flood Hazard Regulations

Chapter 9 of the City Code which regulates and enforces the process and procedure required when building in an area designated by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to be a flood zone.
➠ Chapter 9 - Flood Hazard (pdf)

Land Use Regulations

Chapter 26 of the City Code which regulates the zoning and land use of parcels within the City limits of Aztec.
➠ Chapter 26 - Land Use (pdf)

Subdivision Regulations

Chapter 23 of the City Code which regulates the subdividing of land land and property for commercial and/or residential development within the City limits and the Extra-Territorial Zone area (ETZ) of the City of Aztec.
➠ Chapter 23 - Subdivisions (pdf)

Oil and Gas Regulations

Chapter 15 of the City Code which regulates the construction and operation of an oil and gas site within the City limits of Aztec.
➠ Chapter 15 - Oil and Gas (pdf)

Construction Standards

Standards for construction of infrastructure to buildings and subdivisions. Available individually or by Section as PDF files.
➠ Construction Standards

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Four Corners Economic Development, Inc (4CED) is a great source for information on Economic Development in Aztec and San Juan County.