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Finance Department
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(505) 334-7653 - office
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Monday - Thursday
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The Purchasing Office oversees the municipal purchasing of equipment, services, and contracts which are guided by State Procurement laws and the sale of city property through auction bids. To be placed on the City's Vendor's List download the Vendor List below and fax to (505) 334-7649.

In addition, the Purchasing Agent oversees the development of the Infrastructure Capital Improvements Projects (ICIP). If you are a vendor doing business with the City of Aztec, you now can submit your invoices to the finance department electronically through the following email:







The City of Aztec Purchasing Office is migrating to a new on-line vending system. We encourage vendors to register with the new service which will make the process of solicitating bids and quotes more efficient. The following link will take you to the Vendor Registration page. If you have questions, please email:

Vendor Registry
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UPDATED 6/17/2019

RFQ 2019-705 Methanol

QUOTES DUE: June 19, 2019 3:00 PM
RFQ Document (PDF 231 KB)

RFQ 2019-704 Substation Batteries & Installation

QUOTES DUE: June 17, 2019 3:00 PM
RFQ Document (PDF 921 KB)

RFQ 2019-701 12 Fiber Single Mode

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 921 KB)

RFQ 2019-700 EL Substation Batteries

STATUS: Rejected
RFQ Document (PDF 998 KB)

RFQ 2019-699 Desktop Meter Test Station

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 791 KB)

RFQ 2019-695 PVC Sch 40 2" & 4"

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 544 KB)

RFQ 2019-694 Annexation Plat

STATUS: Not Awarded. Quotes Exceeded Budget.
RFQ Document (PDF 741 KB)

RFQ 2019-693 Lovers Lane Survey & Staking

STATUS: Awarded (Only 1 Vendor Submitted)
RFQ Document (PDF 584 KB)

RFQ 2019-688 Vector Chemicals

STATUS: Awarded (1 quote received)
RFQ Document (PDF 993 KB)

RFQ 2019-685 HACH Turbidimeter

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 127 KB)

RFQ 2019-683 Post & Cabling

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 714 KB)

RFQ 2019-682 Engineered Wood Fibers for Playground Surfaces

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 546 KB)

RFQ 2019-681 Jersey Barriers

STATUS: Awarded (1 quote received)
RFQ Document (PDF 676 KB)

RFQ 2019-680 Tree Removal and Trimming

STATUS: Awarded (1 quote received)
RFQ Document (PDF 547 KB)

RFQ 2019-679 Water Plant Filter Media

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 250 KB)

RFQ 2019-677 Concrete Box Culverts

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 114 KB)

RFQ 2019-674 IML PowerDrill

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 554 KB)

RFQ 2019-676 Transformer Simulator

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 548 KB)

RFQ 2019-675 Parks Fertilizer and Seed Mixture

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document (PDF 525 KB)

RFQ 2019-673 Lovers Lane ROW Survey

STATUS: No Response
RFQ Document (PDF 764 KB)

RFQ 2019-671 Solar Street Light Kits

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document

RFQ 2019-669 Aztec Boys & Girls Club Gym Roof Repair

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document

RFQ 2019-668 City Facility Lighting

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document

RFQ 2019-665 Submersible Self-Priming Non-Clog Pump

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document

RFQ 2019-664 Concrete Vaults & Manhole Covers

STATUS: Awarded
RFQ Document