Upcoming Commission Meetings

• February 26: Commission Meeting

Change in Trash Services

Recently misinformation regarding solid waste service for the City of Aztec has circulated throughout the community. You may have seen on Facebook or received a postcard indicating a 43% increase in trash service for Aztec residents. The information on the postcard is not accurate and simply wrong.

The City has selected a new provider and the new company will be taking over March 1st. There will be an increase in fees with this new provider. The increase is $3.47 to residential customers for the first cart. If you have an additional cart that charge will increase $ 0.18; no decision on curbside recycling has been made at this time. The City of Aztec is working with the local authorities to determine the source of misinformation.

Customer's scheduled pickup will not change at this time.

  • ➠ Change in Trash Services (PDF 73 KB)
  • ➠ Solid Waste Disposal Page
  • Trash Pickup Schedule

    You all are starting to receive your new green trash carts from Waste Management of New Mexico.

    City of Aztec Trash Pickup Schedule:

  • • Use the blue or gray container during the last week of February.
    For Example: If your pickup day is Wednesday put your blue or gray cart out for one last pickup on Wednesday, February 27th, and then, start using the green cart. At some time after your schedule pickup day during the last week of February WCA will pick up your "empty" blue or gray cart.
  • • For customers with a Friday pickup, February 22nd will be your last pickup day from WCA (blue or gray). Start using the green cart, as the following Friday, March 1st will be your first day for the green cart to be picked up.
  • • March 1st starts our new contract with Waste Management of New Mexico. Your trash pickup day with Waste Management will remain the same day as it has been with WCA.
  • Thank you for your patience during this transition period.

    Steamers & Dreamers Steampunk Convention
    February 23rd is the 4th annual Steamers & Dreamers Steampunk Convention!

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  • White Ave Sewer Line Construction

    The Public Works Department has contracted with TriMan Construction Industries, Inc to replace the sewer line located beneath White Ave. Work will begin on Monday January 21, 2019 and continue through the end of February 2019. There will not be an interruption of service. Access to parts of White Ave. may be limited during daylight hours beginning Monday January 21st throughout construction. Thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. Please contact the Public Works Department at 334-7660 if you have questions or require assistance during this process.

    Stage 1 Water Shortage Emergency

    The City of Aztec is in Stage 1 water shortage emergency and will remain in place until further notice. Stage 1 is voluntary.

  • ➠ Stage 1 Water Shortage Notice (PDF 41 KB)
  • ➠ Chapter 31 - Water Conservation and Drought Plan (PDF 110 KB)

  • Water Flow and Drought Conditions

  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (Near Cedar Hill)
  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (Below Aztec)
  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (At Farmington)
  • ➠ Drought Monitor

  • ➠ Site Map


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