Upcoming Scheduled Commission Meetings

• June 12: Commission Meeting
• June 26: Commission Meeting

Reservoir #1 Construction

Construction on Reservoir #1 is scheduled to begin Tuesday, May 29, 2018. The contractor, CBKN Dirtworks (Bernalillo NM) will be removing sediment from the reservoir on the north side of Navajo Dam Road (NM 173) and hauling to city property located on the south side of Navajo Dam Road which may result in traffic delays on Navajo Dam Road. With the exception of the week of May 29, 2018, the contractor will be working Monday - Thursday, 7am - 7-pm. The week of May 29, 2018, the contractor will work Tuesday - Friday, 7am - 7pm. Construction is anticipated to last for 60 calendar days.

Weed Spraying Around the City

The City of Aztec has contracted with The Ditch Company to spray for weeds around the City. Weed spraying will be conducted over the next few weeks as weather conditions allow. Spraying will be conducted around City buildings/properties, rights of way, alleys and medians. If you have questions, please contact Jeff Blackburn with the City Parks Department at 334-7666 or Yvonne Multine with the Public Works Department at 334-7660.

Bicycle + Pedestrian Master Plan

The Farmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO) is engaged in planning the next generation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. This project will help the FMPO prioritize future bicycle and pedestrian improvements that will increase cyclist and pedestrian safety, create accessible routes, connect communities, and promote the health and wellness of all residents. Investing in regional bicycle and pedestrian facilities has multiple benefits for both individuals and the community at large. These benefits include potential improvements to public health, safety, connectivity, and environmental well-being. In addition, there are multiple economic benefits associated with walking and cycling, including tourism promotion and lower transportation costs for individuals.

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  • Potential for Shortages on the Animas River this Irrigation Season

    The Office of the State Engineer - Aztec District has distributed a letter notifying ditch officials of the potential for water shortage from the Animas Ditch. This may result in ditches implementing a rotation schedule of water flow.

  • ➠ Read the Engineer's Letter
  • ➠ Drought and Water Shortage Workshop - May 15th
  • ➠ Animas River Gauge
  • ➠ Drought Monitor

  • Aztec Business Incubator

    The Aztec Business Incubator (HUB) is closed due to remodeling efforts. Only the 550 Brewing Company LLC will remain open until the entire facility is completely closed. Please contact (505) 334-7505 for all questions and concerns.

    Advisory Board Members Needed

    The City Commission is seeking community members to serve on several advisory boards.

  • ➠ Public Notice for Advisory Board Members


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