Since 2003 the City of Aztec has participated in the Youth Conservation Corps program offered through the State of New Mexico. Their services have been invaluable in helping us improve the City's park system. We would like to thank all of those who have served the Aztec community by giving their best and working hard in making Aztec a better place to live and play.

This summer 2019 YCC program will involve landscaping and construction at Riverside Park. The City develops a 4 year plan for purposes of budgeting YCC projects each fiscal year. The Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) Commission offers a $1,500 Tuition Voucher or a $500 Cash Bonus to YCC members who have worked in a YCC project for 12 months (52 weeks) in a 48 month period (4 years). To learn more about the New Mexico State Youth Conservation Corps program: Learn more about career solutions for New Mexico's youth, high school and higher education students: