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Kris Farmer

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Edward Kotyk

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Jef Newland

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Devin Jaramillo
Shawn Bitsui

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Allyce Lippencott
Donna Martinez
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Talon Ketring
Wyatt Lesh


Cap Walls Park
Project 1: Pavilion: Repair wood damage, paint ceiling and posts, remove old picnic tables and trash cans, install new picnic tables, BBQ grill and trash cans.

Project 2: Picnic Tables: Remove four old picnic tables and three BBQ grills around the park path.

Project 3: Playground: Remove rubberized fall zone and excavate fall zone to proper 14" depth, construct concrete boulder boundary around play ground, retrofit old playground with new playground parts.

Project 4: West Landscape: Contour area, surface northern portion with cobble and gravel/mulch and install post and cable fence along roadway to block vehicle access.

Project 5: Parking Lot: Install post and cable fence along roadway and parking lot.

Project 6: North Landscape: Clean and smooth ditch area; surface entire area with cobble and gravel, provide for a mow strip along cobble zone, and build retaining walls around trees.

Project 7: Walking Trail Improvements: Clean weeds from trail path.

Project 8: Tree Planters: Remove old tree planter blocks and mulch around trees.

Project 9: Entrance Sign: Construct new park monument entrance sign and landscape.

Alternate Project 1: Irrigation Vault: Painting irrigation vault and rebuild retaining walls around irrigation vault.


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