YCC Account Manager
Kris Farmer

YCC Project Coordinator
Steve Mueller

YCC Field Coordinator
Byron Farnsworth

YCC Crew Leaders
Jake Espinosa
James Swope
Stephen Parker

YCC Members
Adam Gray
Alejandro Rios-Tapia
Cameron Brightman
Dana Standridge
Darby Anderson
Deon Geiss
Devin Cole
Elise Lee
Eric Benefield
Ian Hensler
Javier Prada
Kalyn Bentley
Kyle Edgerton
Logan Castleman
Megan Gerry
Molly Enenbach
Stephanie Sessions
Taylor McGarry
Tyler Root
Zachary Galvich


Municipal Complex
Project 1: Rebuild of central median between municipal complex and memorial rose garden. Includes installation of pavilion with picnic table, tree planters, drop box median.

Project 2: Installation of Pavilion with picnic table in front of visitor center; Install picnic table and trash can in median island and brick pavers; Clean median.

Project 4: Screen dumpster with block walls.

Money Saving Bridge
Project 3: Art murals below Money Saving Bridge.


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