Upcoming Scheduled Commission Meetings

• August 28: Commission Meeting

EV Station is Now Operational

ChargePoint EV Station
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Stage 2 Water Shortage Emergency

As of July 2, 2018, the City of Aztec has implemented Stage 2 water shortage emergency and will remain in place until further notice. Stage 2 is mandatory and may result in Warning Notices followed by penalties assessed to your water bill for repeated violations.

  • ➠ Stage 2 Water Shortage Notice (PDF 43 KB)
  • ➠ Chapter 31 - Water Conservation and Drought Plan (PDF 110 KB)

  • Ban on Open Fires and Fireworks has ben Lifted

    The Aztec City Commission passed Resolution 2018-1099 which rescinded (lifted) the ban on open fires and fireworks (Resolution 2018-1084).

  • ➠ Resolution 2018-1099

  • Water Restrictions and Other Notices in the San Juan County Area

  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (Near Cedar Hill)
  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (Below Aztec)
  • ➠ Animas River Gauge (At Farmington)
  • ➠ Drought Monitor
  • ➠ San Juan County and Surrounding Area Notices

  • YCC Summer Projects

    The Youth Conservation Corp (YCC) has completed their 2018 summer projects. They completed shade structures at Minium Park, re-built and re-furbished the Memorial Rose Garden, and developed trails and picnic area at Rio de Animas Park. The City would like to give a great thanks to this year's members in a job well done!

  • ➠ Visit the YCC page

  • Bicycle + Pedestrian Master Plan

    The Farmington Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO) is engaged in planning the next generation of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure. This project will help the FMPO prioritize future bicycle and pedestrian improvements that will increase cyclist and pedestrian safety, create accessible routes, connect communities, and promote the health and wellness of all residents. Investing in regional bicycle and pedestrian facilities has multiple benefits for both individuals and the community at large. These benefits include potential improvements to public health, safety, connectivity, and environmental well-being. In addition, there are multiple economic benefits associated with walking and cycling, including tourism promotion and lower transportation costs for individuals.

  • ➠ Learn More and Get Involved
  • ➠ Schedule of Events
  • ➠ Public Outreach, Vision & Goals, Design Guidelines, and Priority Network Maps


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